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10xDesign: Essential Considerations for Sustainable Packaging

09 Nov 2023
Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging

80% of the environmental impact of products is determined at a very early design stage. The 10x Design approach considers all relevant factors in the process, including product protection, unbox-ing experience, recyclability, and especially the requirements of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) 

To give brand owners the opportunity to compare different packaging solutions, the Sustainability Scorecard developed by the STI Group allows to easily asse various sustainability parameters. As a result the tool provides actionable priorities for optimisation along the supply chain in accordance with the upcoming PPWR.

What participants can expect: 

  • Case studies that show how the circularity of packaging can be significantly improved.
  • New materials and finishing techniques that are significantly more recyclable
  • A checklist to improve the sustainability of your packaging design

Let’s go circular.

Claudia Rivinius, Marketing Director - STI Group | STI - Gustav Stabernack GmbH