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Dissolution Technology: An Approach for Infinite Circularity

09 Nov 2023
Sustainable Materials and Chemicals
Trinseo will discuss a solvent-based purification approach to recycling that preserves the molecular structure of the polymers, in part commercially produced at the company since 2020. With this method, post-consumer recycled (PCR) material is dissolved in a solvent followed by a series of purification steps to separate the polymer from additives and contaminants. The material is subsequently fed into a polymerization reactor train or compounding setup and the result is a polymer with a defined percentage of recycled content for use in applications including consumer electronics, packaging. For now, the material has also been used successfully in food contact applications if a functional barrier is present to ensure compliance. Takeaways: Audience members will gain an understanding of the process and its limitations and advantages in comparison with other leading recycling methods including traditional mechanical, super clean mechanical, and depolymerization. Trinseo will also share the process for developing an LCA comparing conventional fossil-based material with that containing recycled content via dissolution for CO2 emissions impact. 
Pascal Lakeman, Fellow, R&D - Trinseo