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3G-R, Truly Sustainable Carbon for the Greenest Chemistry – Advancing Standards

08 Nov 2023
Sustainable Materials and Chemicals
Erik will be highlighting the urgent need as well as the solution, and status to creating a truly sustainable carbon. The transformation from 1st generation to 2G bio-based glucoses are well on their way, whereas demand outreaches supply and drawbacks that can be overcome by advancing to 3G-R. 3G-R is defined by the innovation of high-quality glucose production derived from cellulose-rich feedstock, recovered from residual and waste streams. Erik will present the immense potential of the new sources in addition to the challenges his organization has overcome to master the process of developing high-quality building blocks for the chemical industry at their TRL7 demo-plant moving towards full scale operation.
Erik Pijlman, CEO - Recell Group