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Stand: D185

B4Plastics is a Polymer Architecture company, catalyzing the introduction of novel biomaterials, and growing them from niche to bulk applications. As an architect creates your dream house, we create your dream plastic. We design and scale the materials that give your application the best balance between function, ecology and cost. Not by searching the best mix of existing materials, but by creating and optimizing their backbones from scratch, in our polymer architecture labs. From there, we match them with your key requirements for your target applications, scale them to pilot quantities for your validations and certifications, and finally guide them to ton-scale productions. First come, first serve. And if appropriate for your market: exclusive serve. We create the backbones that become the cornerstones of the New Plastics Economy, and of your success. The strongest degradable material in the world? The best controlled degradable material in your application? Just tell us, and we start designing, building, scaling, supplying…

If you have been searching for a better solution to bring you in a materials pole position in your market: step into our website and contact us. We give you a green joyride!

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