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Sappi Biochemtech BV

Stand: E135

Sappi is a leading global provider of everyday materials made from woodfibre-based renewable resources. As a diversified, innovative and trusted leader focused on sustainable processes and products, we are building a more circular economy by making what we should, not just what we can. This means that we are focused on providing an extensive range of responsible, innovative products and services to increase the efficiency, attractiveness and profitability of your brand offering.

Sappi is dedicated to practical, real-world innovation for the benefit of our customers, industry and planet. We invest responsibly in original products, services and solutions that offer something new and make a real difference. Thanks to an ongoing programme of major investment, we continue to add new products to our portfolio.

Our Sappi purpose sets sustainability at its core. We are here to build a thriving world by unlocking the power of renewable resources that benefit people, communities and the planet. Our business is based on activating the performance potential that lies within renewable resources to strengthen how we all live, work and prosper. We are fully focused on the capacity of woodfibre and biomaterials to contribute to the creation of a circular economy.


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