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Jeroen van der Wind

Jeroen van der Wind

COO, Waste2Wear
Jeroen van der Wind is an entrepreneur, with three decades of experience specializing in international trade with South East Asia. He has extensive experience working in the textile and promotional industries. Through Jeroen’s leadership skills he has re-organized different companies and implemented systems to support these businesses. His experience has taught him that clear processes and structures are key to improving commercial success, and satisfaction. 
Jeroen is passionate about sustainability and is a cohesive force within Waste2Wear improving efficiencies and further strengthening the teams. In combination with a healthy business drive, he is determined to help further the Waste2Wear mission of relieving the planet of the plastic problem by innovating products made from recycled plastics using traceable and transparent supply chains.
As a family man, his goal is to help reduce plastic consumption in order to create a better world and a brighter future for all of us, but especially his four adult children. 
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