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Marcel Rensmann

Marcel Rensmann

Head of Technical Sales, PYREG

Marcel is a well-versed environmental engineer with degrees in Sociology (B.A.), Environmental Protection Engineering (B.Sc) and Energy & Facility Management ( M.Sc.)

Marcel has been with PYREG for over 10 years. He began his career in sales and marketing at PYREG in 2012.  His broad knowledge of various market segments, such as agriculture, the municipal sector and industry, have provided him with valuable insight into the real-world application of pyrolysis / carbonization technology and its numerous benefits, including biochar, renewable energy and carbon credits.  

Applying his extensive experience in both the process and  the application of PYREG NetZero carbonization technology, Marcel has been serving as the Company’s Head of Technical Sales since 2020.

Marcel has a strong personal passion for sustainability and decarbonization of our Planet, one that his 14-month-old son and future siblings can inherit and enjoy, for generations to come.