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Vinko Avgustin

Vinko Avgustin

R&D Director, Elan Skis

Vinko Avguštin, Director of R&D at Elans winter division, is for more than 22 years leading the innovation and innovative processes of designing skis which are 100% handcrafted in Slovenian Alps. Elan prides itself with extremely efficient supply chain – 99% of raw materials are originating in EU, 70% in a radius of 400 km from company’s headquarters and is using 100 % electricity from renewable sources. Vinko Avguštin is the brain behind the first folding ski for army use (Ibex Tactix) and first folding commercial ski called Voyager. Him and his team have been granted worldwide patents for more than 10 of their innovation projects and have created breakthrough products as Fusion (integrated binding system), Waveflex technology, Amphibio left and right ski technology, U-Flex (junior ski that is 25% more flexible and allows children to ski on their edge) and many more.

He is passionate about the environment and preserving the planet and his out of the box thinking has been invaluable in waste and footprint reduction. In 2016 his idea and development of digital print has reduced the emission of volatile organic waste for more than 32 tons. With his team he has also developed world’s most waste efficient production technology of skis, the so-called sock technology, and is currently working on productive reuse of recycled fiberglass waste.