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Volker Muche

Volker Muche

Co-Owner & Managing Director, Pacoon Sustainability Concepts GmbH
Volker Muche is co-owner and managing director of pacoon Sustainability Concepts GmbH.
He studied packaging technology at the former Technische Fachhoschule Berlin and is also a trained systemic change manager since 2016. 
His previous professional experience includes the consumer goods sector as well as the packaging production sector at an internationally active cardboard and folding carton manufacturer. Since the beginning of the 2000s, Volker Muche has been working as a packaging consultant, and later as a partner, at a packaging agency in Hamburg, where he first became involved in the topic of sustainability in the packaging environment. The topic of sustainability and packaging is complex and characterized by interdisciplinary compromises - valid customer support in the direction of "packaging and sustainability" requires a clear focus on the topic. This was the motivation to found the new business unit pacoon sustainability soncept in Hamburg together with pacoon design + strategie in 2021